Remember Me, Living with Dementia

Mind Science Centre is pleased to support a concert to raise awareness for Dementia. Titled “Remember Me, Living with Dementia”, conceptualised by a group of warm-hearted volunteers, providing insight into the world of people affected by dementia. With Dementia cases expected to triple by 2030, there is an urgent need for upstream prevention and evidence-based…

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The Mindful Way through Emotional distress

Mind Science Centre presents an introductory 8-week mindfulness programme for the prevention and management of stress, anxiety and depression. The class will be held at the newly renovated Mind Art Experiential Lab (MAEL) at Blk 29, Alexandra Hospital, every Wednesday. For more information, please refer to the e-brochure below or download the pdf version here.…

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Food for the Mind

NUS Mind Science Centre has collaborated with NUH Memory Clinic and NUH Dietetics to create a “Food for the Mind” booklet focusing on nutrition for healthy ageing. This booklet serves as a reminder to inculcate healthy eating habits and to adopt a varied and nutritious diet. As life expectancies increase, the need to promote and…

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Centre Director's Message


Welcome to the NUS Mind-Science Centre (NMSC).

There is now a growing urgency for innovative strategies to combat the rising rate of psychological problems and dementia in Singapore and Asia due to a fast-paced lifestyle and an ageing population. In response, the NMSC promotes the use of non-drug, psychosocial interventions to build the mental resilience of the community from adolescents to the elderly.

The NMSC is a knowledge center of excellence for psychological research and provides evidence-based information for planning nation-wide programmes to promote resilience for the general population by enhancing cognitive performance to improve quality of life and work potential.

We hope that you will join us in this important journey to build emotional and mental resilience across the age continuum for a brighter future for everyone.

Best regards,

Dr John Wong Chee Meng
Head, Department of Psychological Medicine